Terms and Conditions

1. General

Translatecee.com Terms of Service apply to purchases made at the online store www.translatecee.com. The purpose of these Terms of Service is to define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (supplier) on the one hand and the buyer (customer, consumer) on the other. The seller and operator of the online store www.translatecee.com is ILUMINATA EXIM LTD s.r.o., Dunajská 68, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia, registered in the Business Registry of the Bratislava I District Court, Section Ltd., File ID 108229/B, Business ID: 50109863, Tax ID: 2120177290. All contractual relationships between the seller and the buyer are governed by the Slovak law. If a party to the contract is a consumer, the aspects of the parties' legal relationship not stipulated in the translatecee.com Terms of Service are governed by Act no. 40/1964 Statutes, the Civil Code, as amended, Act no. 250/2007 Statutes, Consumer Protection Act, as amended and Act no. 102/2014 Statutes on consumer protection in the sale of goods or provision of services on the basis of a distance contract or a contract entered into outside of the seller's premises, as amended. In the event that a party to the contract is an entrepreneur, the aspects of the parties' legal relationship not stipulated in the translatecee.com Terms of Service are governed by Act No. 513/1991 Statutes, the Commercial Code, as amended.

2. Definitions

Consumer contract - is a contract of sale, where the parties are on the one hand a supplier and, on the other hand, a consumer who could not individually influence the content of the contract drafted by the supplier in advance. Seller (supplier) - a person who, when signing and performing a consumer contract, acts within the scope of his business (or other such) activities. The seller is an entrepreneur who offers or sells to the consumer products or services and also an entrepreneur who, directly or through other entrepreneurs, supplies the buyer with the product or service Consumer (buyer) - a natural person or a legal entity who purchases products or uses services for their personal benefit or for the benefit of the members of their household and who, upon entering into and performing a consumer contract, does not do so as an entrepreneur for further resale of such services Non-consumer buyer - is a person who, upon entering into and performing a contract of sale, is acting within the scope of his business or other entrepreneurial activity Entering into a contract of sale - buyer's order is a bid to enter into a contract of sale. The actual contract of sale is entered into at the moment of delivery of the seller's binding consent with the draft contract of sale to the buyer, i.e. upon the receipt of a binding order confirmation from the seller. Since that moment onwards, the reciprocal rights and obligations that arise between the buyer and the seller are defined by the contract of sale and the present Terms of Service, which form an integral part of the contract of sale. Terms of Service - contractual terms agreed between the seller and the buyer in this document. At the time of sending their order, the buyer confirms that they agree to these Terms of Service, applicable at the time of sending their order, and that they are bound by these Terms since the moment of entering into the contract of sale. By submitting their order, the buyer confirms that they have made themselves familiar with these Terms of Service prior to placing the order and that they agree with the Terms of Service without reservation.

3. Withdrawal from the Contract

Due to the fact that the buyer shall receive a custom-made service, they have to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the provisions of § 7 subpar. 1 a. 102/2014 Statutes on consumer protection in the sale of goods or services under a distance or off-premises contract, which involves paying the supplier an amount proportional to the degree of completion of the contract at the time of withdrawal. The consumer is also obliged to provide their contact details and the account number to be credited with the remaining part of the amount for the ordered service by the seller. You can find a withdrawal form here. The Seller shall refund the eligible portion of the payment he has received from or in connection with the Contract to the consumer without undue delay, not later than 7 days of the withdrawal notice. The seller is not obligated to refund the full payment to the consumer if he can prove the translation work had already begun prior to the withdrawal notice. In such event, the consumer has the right to have only the portion of the payment refunded, corresponding to the unprocessed amount of the work-in-progress.

4. Liability for errors, warranty, complaints

The buyer is entitled to file a complaint within 14 days of the service provision. The buyer acknowledges that they are required to check the quality of the service provided immediately upon receipt. In the event that the service fails to comply with the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to notify the seller without delay. In case of: an error that can be remedied, the buyer is entitled to the remedy free of charge, in a timely and proper manner without undue delay. an error that cannot be remedied and that prevents proper fulfillment of the purpose of the service, the buyer has the right to a new service or the right to withdraw from the contract an error that cannot be remedied but does not prevent the service from properly meeting its function, the buyer has the right to a reasonable discount on the price The buyer acknowledges that the seller does not bear liability for service errors that were caused by or have a causal link to the buyer's acts or omissions. The buyer is obliged to prove the existence of a contract of sale with the seller when filing a complaint. The seller agrees to process a justified and reasonable complaint in accordance with these Terms of Service without delay, no later than 7 calendar days from the date of the complaint, unless otherwise agreed between the seller and the buyer. You can find the service complaint form here.

5. Payment terms

The buyer can pay the price of a service purchased at www.translatecee.com in one of the following ways: bank transfer - upon receipt of your order, we will send you an account number and a sort code. You pay for the service in advance by crediting our bank account held with TATRA BANKA a.s. Your translation will be sent to you on or before the quoted delivery date following the receipt of your payment, of which you will be duly informed. payment cards - once the order has been placed, you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway where you enter the details necessary to affect the transaction. If the transaction is authorized, the payment will take place immediately. We support secure payments.

6. Shipping

The cost of postage and packing that the buyer chooses in the order is borne by the buyer. The cost of postage and packing applies only to the delivery of the service in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Shipping abroad is possible following a special agreement between the buyer and the seller the two make over an e-mail. When delivering the service outside the Slovak Republic, postage and packing costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

7. Prices

All prices listed on the site are final. The site operator reserves the right to change prices. The final price for the buyer is stated in the order confirmation. The supplier reserves the right to amend the price of the goods before they are shipped if it is found that the price of the goods offered has not been computed correctly. In this case, the supplier must inform the customer about the correct price and the latter must agree with the price adjustment. Otherwise, the contract of sale will not be entered into and the order will be canceled by the supplier.

8. E-bill

The bill of payment for the order is issued to the customer in the form of an electronic invoice. You can find your e-bill attached to your order confirmation sent to your e-mail address. You can also request your e-bill via the e-mail address info@iluminata.sk

9. Cash receipt

Under the Revenues Reporting Act, the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, the seller is required to report the revenues received to the internal revenue service online, in the event of a technical outage, not later than within 48 hours.

13. Final provisions

Upon its confirmation, the buyer's order constitutes a contract between the buyer and the seller, which is archived for the purpose of completing it and for other mandatory purposes. The individual technical steps leading to entering into the contract are known to the consumer from the actual process of order placing. In case of a dispute, the Slovak version of the contract shall prevail. Buyers have the option of correcting errors that occurred when entering data before placing an order. These Terms of Service are available to the consumer for storage and reproduction. Terms of Service apply since February 1, 2019. We do not expect this to occur but in the event of a dispute, you can turn to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Authority, which is SOI, http://www.soi.sk/en/Alternative-Resources-Spotrebitelske-sporov.soi in the Slovak Republic. By sending their order, the buyer agrees to have their data processed under Act no. 428/2002 Statutes on the Protection of Personal Data as amended.