SCHOOL REPORT - the price is quoted per standard page = 270 words

SCHOOL REPORT - the price is quoted per standard page = 270 words


Also high school / secondary school / middle school / elementary school report or a high school diploma.

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  • What to do if you need certified translation services. 

    An official translation of a school report requires the translated document be bound by a professional translator with its copy certified by a notary public. 

    The official translation of the school report has several pages, which the translator  endorses with his official stamp. 

    Front page: Identifies the official translator and the client. 

    The client data must include: first and last name and the address of the person who is placing the translation order or the person named in the school report itself. 

    Second page: a true copy of the school report certified by a notary public 

    Copies intended for translation, i.e. for use abroad, must be authenticated by the notary public himself, not the person authorized by the notary. 

    Public documents intended to be used abroad (sometimes) require higher verification, the so-called legalisation, if they are to be submitted to the authorities of a foreign state. Legalisation of a school report is done by means of an apostille. If an apostille is required, it is not possible to use a certified copy of the school report. The apostille is attached to the original document.  

    For states outside the Haague Convention, the Ministry of Education shall endorse the documents to be further legalized by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents are then translated by a sworn translator certified by the respective higher authority. Finally, it is necessary to superlegalize the documents by the embassy or consulate of the country in which the school report is to be used. 

    Third page: translation into the target language. The translation must be done by an official translator authorised by the judicial authorities of the respective state.    

    Fourth page: translator's certificate. The last page of the official translation of the school report includes the translator's declaration stating that the translation is true and correct. It bears the imprint of the translator's official stamp and his signature. 

    How to proceed if I already have a superlegalised school report?

    1. All pages of the notarized / superlegalized school report must be scanned. 

    2. You can upload the scan of your school report to be translated via our e-shop or as an attachment to e-mail addressed to 

    3. Select the target language. 

    4. According to the target language and the method of delivery and collection of your school report, you will receive an e-bill with the date and manner of delivery. 


    Requirement: translation of my school report from German into Slovak to be picked up in person in Poprad

    Steps to take:

    Upload the scan of your school report. 

    Pay the e-bill. 

    You can pick up the translation within 24 hours of your payment.

    Do not forget to bring a certified copy / superlegalised original with you. 


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