Also known as a Vehicle Title is a document necessary for car registration in another EU country

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    How to proceed if you need certified translation services. 

    Car title / Vehicle title

    The official translation for the purpose of vehicle registration requires the translated document of the vehicle title be bound with the original car title issued by the respective state.

    The official translation of the car title consists of (usually) four pages, which the translator endorses with his official stamp. 

    Front page: Identifies the official translator and the client. 

    The client identification must include: first and last name and the address of the person who is placing the translation order or that of the vehicle’s owner. 

    Second page:  vehicle title

    Third page: translation of the car title into the target language. 

    The translation must be done by an official translator authorised by the judicial authorities of the respective state.    

    Fourth page: translator's certificate. The last page of the official translation of the vehicle title includes the translator's declaration stating that this is a true and correct translation of the original. It bears the imprint of the translator's official stamp and his signature. 

    How to proceed if I need a translation of my vehicle title?

    1. Scan the vehicle title.

    2. Upload the scanned document via ILUMINATA e-shop at or attach it to an e-mail addressed to   

    3. Select the target language. 

    4. According to the target language and the method of delivery and picking up the physical copy of the vehicle title, you will receive an e-bill with the date and manner of delivery. 


    Client request: translation of the car title from Italian into Slovak 

    How to proceed:

    1. Upload the scanned vehicle title

    2. Specify Slovak as the target language

    3. Pay the e-bill

    4. Your translation can be collected or will be dispatched within 48 hours of your payment 

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