This is the story from Quora by Sean Kernan with a morale that concerns us

What is easy-to-do, but rarely done, that would make someone's day so much better?

"The next time you are being helped by someone, it could be a waiter, a barber, someone repairing your car, your house, literally - anything: assuming you are satisfied - tell them. I once had a waiter who was like a trained assassin (at waiting tables…): His attitude was great. His persona was like that of an actor hired to play The World’s Best Waiter. Everything he did he did as if it was in perfect character, standing up straight, looking you in the eyes, with a great attitude, a small smile but not too much. He had the entire menu memorized, if you asked a question, he could rattle off everything in perfect detail, including the cooking process, without batting an eye or showing any visible sign of mental effort. He didn’t even need to write our orders down. He remembered them. He went back, gave the instructions to the chef - and everything came out perfect. I told the guy - “I don’t say this lightly - but you might be the best waiter I’ve ever had in my entire life.”

Now how that relates to us: If you do not have this kind of experience with our services, please, point out the pain points, we have had our share of praise.